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2017.03 Established G1 Playground
2017.09 Awarded the grand prize at The 7th Game Creation Audition
2018.04 Awarded TOP 3 at Google Indie Game Festival
2018.05 Awarded Unity`s Prize at MWU(Made With Unity) Korea
2018.05 Certified as venture company
2019.01 Moved to New Global Hub Center
2019.11 Launched ‘Trick Art Dungeon’, 'Battle Sorcerers VR'
2019.12 Awarded  at Google play '2019 Innovative game award
2020.02  Kickstarter crowdfunding success
2020.05 Indiegogo, Makuake crowdfunding success
2020.06 publishing contract with Super.com - Zhelter


Developer note, in May

28 May 2021
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Hello everyone,

I am Xernis, the developer of <Zelter>.

This month, I would like to tell you about the developmental state of the first large-scale update for the <Providing various survival environments> that I mentioned in the Introduction last time.

The relevant update aims to provide players with a different environment every time, to implement various survival strategies, and to provide them with the fun of surviving. This kind of environment will provide players with greater tension and enjoyment of survival than before.

The contents currently under development are as follows.

● Random Map System

(Example image)

We are building the random map system so that you can continue to feel the new fun, even if you play the game several times.

The player will encounter new terrain and environments in each turn, and the previous survival experience will not necessarily guarantee the survival of the next turn.

The random map consists of 'general area' and 'strategic area', and the major bases that are possible to supply and demand such as iron, copper, food, and electricity necessary for survival will be located in the 'strategic area'.

● Quest, Reward and Characteristic System

(Example image)

The quest system will provide players with a variety of goals.

Unlike the existing sandbox-type game method, it can be provided the users the reasons and rewards to work on it actively.

When completing the quest, you can get special rewards and experience points through 'Drone' that allows you to level up.

And during leveling up, we are developing to help you grow into a unique character by your selecting talents.

The quest system is combined with the random map system, and it will provide players with the fun of exploring.

● Add Animals and New Food


Cute animals will be running around the map here and there.

But for starving players, these cute guys are just delicious protein sources.

I hope you are not too fascinated with those animals hunting so that not happen to be trapped in a zombie group.

● Freshness System

We have judged that lots of the existing Zelter's foods reduce the fun of surviving.

So, we are preparing to introduce the freshness system that leftover food will be rotten and disappeared over time.

● Readjustment of Balance (Rebalancing)

The balance values of items or monsters will be readjusted overall to match the new random map.

In addition, the locations of items will also be adjusted to generate materials that can be obtained only in certain areas.

We are currently processing internal tests and planning various changes.

I would like to explain the meaning of the UI reorganization and update that was proceeded in the previous V0.04.09_EA patch.

● Meaning of Reorganization of Production/Recipe

We thought that the access level of the UI is needed to be simplified so that users could focus on combat and exploration.

So, we have reorganized the production/recipe system to reduce the time spent on production and to select items more strategically.

● Meaning of Adding Tablet Maps

The mini-map of the tablet will become a more essential function after the introduction of the random map system.

In addition, since it will be linked to various systems to be added in the future, we think it will be a more useful function for understanding and enjoying games.

Please leave your feedback on the new UI at Zelter Discord.

(Zelter Discord: https://discord.gg/72a8PD8hmk)

We would like to ask for your understanding in advance for we expect that the existing save file will not be available due to structural problems when updating the random map system included in the <1st large-scale update>. We also ask for your acknowledgment in advance that the items listed in the developer's notes may be varied, changed, or deleted depending on the developmental situation.

We will always do our best to be the G1 Playground.

Then, see you in the next developer notes.

Thank you!

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