Developer note, in April

30 Apr 2022
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Hello, survivors!

I’m Xernis, a developer of <Zelter>. 

It’s been a year and a half since early access has started. 

Meanwhile, the spring has come in Korea when cherry blossoms are scattering. 

Currently, our developers are making their best effort to develop Pioneer Mode so that even users who prefer relaxation of existing Zelter can satisfy and enjoy it. We would like to apologize for the delay in updating renewal version and we will always try to repay for users’ waiting with contents filled with our sincerity. 

We will explain new functions and Pioneer Mode more in detail this month. 

■ Colleague: Add battle function (Characteristic and short stories are added)

Finally, the battle function of survivors is added. 

Players can rescue survivors and promote them to colleague and provide them with weapons to perform the battle together. Each survivor has characteristics (passive / general / active) and battle style will be different accordingly, so users need to be careful in choosing colleagues. 

In addition, short background story is added for each survivor to add fun to the rescue. 

■ Vehicle: R&D in progress

Many users felt the lack of not being able to board the vehicle so far. 

So, we are researching and developing function to quickly move the map by boarding current vehicles (kickboard, motorcycle, car, etc.) There is somewhat limitation in natural moving due to the characteristic of 2D, but we tried our best to reduce sense of difference as much as possible.

This feature will be updated after the multiplayer mode development is completed.

■ Animal: Add boar 

Animals with aggressive characteristic will be added. Boars not only attack players but also are main culprit to ruin field and crops, so you’d better pay attention to them if they are around you.

■ Pioneer Mode – Expansion of region: Function to open barrier 

As revealed in the developer notes last month, Pioneer Mode will be organized as to start in narrow map first and then expand the map while opening the barriers. 

A certain amount of money is required to open the barriers and more money is required as you go further out. 

Players will be able to access various strategic regions by opening the barriers encounter various survivors, resources and more powerful monsters. 

■ Pioneer Mode – Black marketer: Add function to trade

A function to trade with suspicious black marketer will be added.

■ Others – New building

A safe house building will be added. You can meet a Black marketer here.

We will explain about multi play mode which is currently developing more in detail next month. 

Since it is the changing season, we hope that everyone is careful for the cold and we will see you again with good news next month. 

We will be G1 Playground that does our best. 

Thank you.

Sincerely, G1 Playground

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