Developer note, in March

29 Mar 2022
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Hello, everyone!

I’m Xernis, a developer of <Zelter>.

As challenge mode is updated in beta server, users requested to add game mode that can be peacefully enjoyed with existing Zelter. <Pioneer Mode> which is currently under development is a mode for those who prefer existing zelter. It is a mode in endless form in which a fixed map which was the biggest problem of existing zelter was changed to random map and various contents will be added further.

In this month, I will try to explain this mode in more detail.

■ Pioneer mode

A pioneer mode is a form of mode that players can enjoy comfortably for a long time than challenge mode.

A pioneer mode has the following features.

1. Save & Load

- A pioneer mode will provide save & load feature.

2. Expansion of region

In a pioneer mode, the game starts on the map with 3x3x tile size and it can be expanded up to 9x9 tile size by opening barrier according to the game progress. Players can additionally enjoy various contents such as exploration, collecting resources, exploring survivors, restoring strategic areas through the opening of barrier.  

3. Regeneration of resources

Since players can enjoy endless playing in the pioneer mode, resources are regenerated at regular intervals unlike challenge mode.

4. Scenario NPC (Items to be updated in the future)

NPC that can enjoy scenario will be added even though it will not be included in this update. In addition, store feature, etc. will be added.

■ Common matters

1. Companion AI and feature renewal

Companion of existing zelter was not moved as players intended due to insufficient AI algorithm, causing many inconveniences.

For this reason, development team is newly creating companion AI now, and they plan to update the basic features one by one rather than adding many features at once.

In this update, the team is aiming to provide battle and inventory related features only.

Players can choose and designate up to 3 among survivors as their companions.  NPCs designated as a companion act according to player’s command.

2. Challenge mode: Add automatic save & load feature

By reflecting comments that difficulty of challenge mode is very high, automatic saving feature is being added.

■ Multi-play mode

1. Function R&D in progress

Function R&D for multi-play mode in which 300 zombies appear and 4 players can enjoy together is currently in progress.

2. Game mode R&D in progress

Our existing plan is to prepare multi-play mode in the form of PVE in which challenge mode and pioneer mode can be enjoyed by several players. As a result of internal discussion, however, there was a concern that the game will have shorter lifespan since the form can’t be enjoyed several times.

In addition, we judged that Zelter’s unique game mode which can’t be enjoyed other surviving game will give a great pleasure to users. So, we are under R&D for multi-play mode in the form of PVP that can be enjoyed several times while competing together.

Then, we will bring another good news next month.

G1 Playground will always make our every effort.

Thank you.

Sincerely, G1 Playground

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