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2017.03 Established G1 Playground
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2018.04 Awarded TOP 3 at Google Indie Game Festival
2018.05 Awarded Unity`s Prize at MWU(Made With Unity) Korea
2018.05 Certified as venture company
2019.01 Moved to New Global Hub Center
2019.11 Launched ‘Trick Art Dungeon’, 'Battle Sorcerers VR'
2019.12 Awarded  at Google play '2019 Innovative game award
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2020.06 publishing contract with Super.com - Zhelter


Developer note, in July

30 Jul 2022
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Hello, Survivors

This is Xernis from <Zelter>

It was a tough and busy month for the development team 

We have developed the pioneer mode on June, but after the QA session we have decided that the game does not contain enough contents to present to the users.

We have worked day and night to make significant improvements on pioneer mode. 

Even so, the mode still might have some points to improve and we are releasing the version as Beta to receive feedbacks regarding the development directions and ultimately the fun of the mode itself. 

Here is the new game features and explanations of the pioneer mode in details

■ Service schedule & How to access Beta service

The beta service started on July 30th (Sat), and if there is no major problem, the update will be made to the live server on August 1st (Mon). 

Here's how to access beta.

1. Open your Steam Library

2. Right-click Zelter in your list of games

3. Click Properties

4. Select Betas

5. Enter the beta access code: WeArePioneers (Case sensitive. You can copy/paste it if you like!)

6. Click Check Code. You will now have Public_beta available in the list of betas you can opt into

7. Select the version from the drop-down menu. Click Update if the download doesn't start automatically

*In some rare cases the game might not launch following the update. If you experience any issues, please attempt to uninstall Zelter, then reinstall it and activate the appropriate Beta

1. <Pioneer mode> Goals 

- Pioneer mode has been constructed close to the game trailers that we have uploaded in the beginning of the Kick-starter, forming the shelter with the companions and surviving as long as we could. Player has been sent in to areas where innocent civilians are surrounded by the zombies and the players ultimate goal will be to find these civilians that has not turned into a zombie, and sending them back to the safety. 

The detailed contents regarding the goals are as followed: 

2. Base building

- Players will be able to create a safe shelter protecting the users from the zombies by using different defensive features like barricades, turrets and etc.

 We have added new types of barricades and walls which can be repaired when damaged to provide long-lasting defensive environment. 

a.    Repair mechanism added : The broken doors are now repairable!

Also the damaged barricades and workbenches are also repairable.

b.    Durability and Repair mechanism applied on ranged weapons: Now the ranged weapons have durability, you can use the repair workbench to fix the broken ranged weapons.  

c.    Door-type barricade added: Now the new barricades can be opened and closed through the door we have added which provides more strategic defensive aspects to your shelter.  

3. Survival

- There are few features added/modified related to the survival of the character

a. Change in water source: We have taken feedbacks that current water resource management lacks difficulty and have modified the existing water sources. All the water sources will begin as a broken status which requires the players to repair it. Only the sources where the players have repaired will be functional. 

b. Additional status for companions: Now your companions will get thirsty, hungry and will be infected by the virus. When the thirst or hunger level reaches certain level, they will find the food and drinks from the nearby storage objects (chest, refrigerator, oven and etc.) 


c. NPC zombies: The dead NPC now will turn in to a new type of zombie. They are very difficult to fight against since they will be using the weapons they carried before turning, and has a high HP value. Make sure your companions do not turn in to these new zombies. 

d. Reducing the number of walls: Now the big walls will be covering only the strategic points located on each corners of the whole map. Other walls have been removed. 

4. UI

- convenience related UI have been improved.

a. Loading bar added: When the game is being loaded, loading bar has been added with our new illustration of the game. 

b. Clock, D-day, battery features are added in the tablet: Now when the electricity is not available, the tablet will be running with it’s battery. During this period, players would not be able to comfortably use their tablets and when the battery runs out, the tablet will be turned off. 

c. Automatic crafting system added : furnace, campfire and oven where multiple items should be crafted for long period of time are now functioning automatically when proper materials are given. 

d. Lock system added to storage objects: Chests, refrigerator, automatic crafting objects (furnace, oven and etc.) now has Lock function to allow the players to control the NPC’s access to these objects. 

We would like to deliver our sincere apologies for the late update. 

Since the development has been done through longer period of time, please share your feedbacks after playing the new Pioneer mode. 

We would like to take this opportunity for users to test the build on Beta before being launched as live version to test the stability of the version. Please share your valuable feedback. 

We will be the company that gives our best

Thank you


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