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Developer Note – Introduction

28 May 2021
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Hello, everyone.

This is the G1 Playground.

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for the users who have loved our Zelter.

First, I sincerely apologize for insufficient communication, many bugs, and slow updates.

I understand that many of you are concerned if Zelter's development has been stopped.

I think it would be better to briefly tell you what has happened after Early Access so far, so I would like to explain it.

Zelter started early access in October last year.

But there was not enough preparation to start, and it has been disappointing many users with many bugs and insufficient contents.

We have tried to fix the problem as quickly as we can, but we could not even provide a satisfactory update due to a lack of competence. The roadmap that I had promised last year could not keep the schedule, and there was a sad breakup with some team members while going to right before the team disbanded for financial reasons.

However, thanks to your continued interest and help, we have been able to solve financial problems recently.

In order to avoid repeating previous mistakes, we have reviewed again what Zelter needed. And have been trying to improve the capability and communication of the development company.

First, we have recruited more talented and motivated developer staffs, and set the long-term development plan, and are improving the development process. In addition, we have carefully reviewed your feedback over the past 6 months and are re-establishing the direction of the development while deeply considering what users really want.

We are planning to regularly write and disclose about how to develop and what to plan for the future on the developer notes, for sharing them with you. I would like to thank you again for trusting and waiting for us in spite of our insufficient communication and updates, and we promise to try not to repeat the same mistakes as before.

● The direction of the development 

We concluded that what users really want are <Multiplayer mode>, <Providing various survival environments>, and <Varied experience elements>.

However, it is true that we have a limitation to providing such fun with the current system of <Zelter>.

Especially, the development team has internally discerned that the underlying system's reorganization is essential for developing the<multiplayer mode>.

Therefore, we decided to proceed with a large-scale system’s reorganization progressively, and we are preparing for updates in the following order.

1. <Providing of various survival environments>

2. <Varied experience elements>

3. <Multiplayer mode>

Since the reorganization is a large scale, frequent updates will not be possible, but we believe that the satisfaction from its updating will be greater than those of small content updates. Currently, we are aiming to proceed with the first large-scale update for the <Providing various survival environments> within a few months.

Even though it is still difficult to tell you the exact update time of the final goal, <multiplayer mode>, we will continue to share the current state and process of the development through the developer's notes. I ask for your understanding in advance that the matters listed on the developer's notes in the future may be varied, changed, or deleted depending on the developmental situation.

At all times, we will do our best to be the G1 Playground.

See you in the next developer notes.

Thank you!

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