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Developer note, in August

31 Aug 2022
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This is Hanscity developer of <Zelter>

We appreciate all the supports and feedback given for the update we made in August. 

We apologize for the long preparation of the new build which took about a year to complete.

Also it seemed like it was not enough to fulfill the expectations of all the players. 

We have came down to a conclusion to make a new development map according to the feedback. 

But it seems like some of the core mechanisms and systems would have to be changed and it will consume quiet a bit of development time than we originally expected. 

Unfortunately we would have to postpone the development of the multiplayer mode and will have to focus on creating new contents for the pioneer mode until the end of the year. We think in order for the multiplayer mode to be good, firstly the pioneer mode should be good as well. 

We will explain in details about the changes we are about to make in the pioneer mode.

[Pioneer mode renewal plan]

1. Change in survival mechanism

We will change the survival mechanism following the feedback that current mechanism is not fun at all. We will try to enhance the system to make it better. 

- Water : Currently we got many feedback directing that current water system decreases the intensity of the game play, so the changes will be finding water will be difficult in the beginning but will get easier over the time period. 

- Electricity : Currently there are feedback mentioning that electricity are way easy to come by so we will add features to allow the players to generate electricity on their own. 

- Weather : Foggy and rainy days would be added in to the game system to make the play more adventurous. 

2. Increase in map size and adding walls

- Currently the map seems to be too small for most of the players. We will increase the size of the map and add new walls on different section of the map. 

- There will be new content for the players to play whenever they remove a wall. The difficulty of the content will increase as each walls gets removed. The types and numbers of the zombies will increase whenever they open a wall. 

- When all the walls are removed or when the player have rescued certain number of NPCs, or reach a certain goal given in each map, the players will get to choose whether to move to another map or to stay in the previous one. 

3. Change in NPC mechanism

- We could clearly see that currently most of the players are unsatisfied with the existing NPC system. We will change the mechanism of the NPC so that they would not be holding the players down anymore. 

  ■ Removing hunger and thirst : The companions will not be suffering from hunger or thirst anymore.

  ■ Crafting : The companions will be crafting items for players.

  ■ Limitation in number : The number of the companion and survivors will be limited to certain number.

  ■ Removing NPC coming to player's location : We noticed that the players are stressed about the NPCs coming to their location. 

      We will roll back the NPC system and make them stay hidden in different areas in the map. 

  ■ Gathering and farming : We will allow the companion NPCs to do gathering and farming for the players. 

      But this requires lot of development time and procedures, it might not be included in the next patch.

4. Base Building

- New weapons  : To make the combat more dynamic, new weapons will be added.

- New defensive structures : To increase the fun of defending the shelter, more turrets, barricades, traps and etc. will be developed.

- New types of zombies : New zombies on their way.

5. Other contents

- Change in Quest system : The quest will no longer given to the players, players will adventure the map and gather the quests in different areas and will get to select whether to proceed with the quests or not. 

6. UI modification

- The number of Quick slots will increase.

- Remove or Move all item function will be provided.

- After saving one game, there will be a delay until the players can save the next game. 

Since there will be a huge changes in the game, we would like to notice all the survivors that it will take some development time to deliver the next build and we might have update the game multiple times. We are truly sorry to keep the survivors waiting for so long but we will not stop developing the game until we can deliver the game in a condition where most of the survivors can be satisfied. 

We will always be giving our best for our survivors. 

Thank you

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