Developer note, in January

28 Jan 2022
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Hello, guys!

I’m Xernis, a developer of <Zelter>.

The year changed and it is now 2022. I think a year has gone by so quickly. Happy New Year to one and all. 

In January, we finally completed finishing touches for updates and handed build to publisher. 

Publisher is now making final examination for updates and they are translating and proofreading them in many langues. 

In this month, we’ve spent most of time in doing finishing touches for updates rather than adding new features. 

We’ve completed updates works such as balance checking, UI/UX improvements and debugging work for the last 9 months and we think we weill be able to show it to you in early Feburary if possible through live update. 

There are still many parts that are still in lack and should be improved, but there’s really not much more I want if you  can be satisfied even a little through this update. 

In February, we plant to reorganize the future development roadmap. 

The biggest goal this year is to update multiplay mode and we also plan to add various contents so that users can enjoy single play mode from time to time. In addition, we will improve conveniene and UI/UX together. 

There are still many task to do until the office release, but we will make our best effort in development to meet live up to your expectations. And we will always listen to your precious opinions. 

Then, I will see you next month again with good news. 

Thank you.

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